Male Waxing

Male Waxing is Not That Much Different Than Female Waxing

Men are just like women…Ok ok, let me rephrase that. When it comes to waxing, men are just like women; they like to be clean and smooth and waxing is the best way to accomplish that. So let’s dive into the world of male waxing.

The number one service men request is the back wax, with ears and nose coming in second. And yes, it’s true, men also do their version of the Brazilian: the Manzilian.

Now I know what you’re all thinking so let’s just clear things up a bit. Yes, it hurts and yes, some men have been known to “pitch a tent” during a wax. This tends to be more embarrassing for the man because it is completely unintentional, and since I’m the Expert Waxer, I understand how blood flow works in the body during a waxing service. All joking aside, we all know that waxing is a very personal service and aestheticians are trained professionals, so if your intention is to get a professional service, then you’ll get a professional service. Men, if this is your first time getting waxed there’s no need to be embarrassed. Your aesthetician has performed this service multiple times and it’s our job to remain calm and professional, regardless of what transpires.

Regarding any issues with pain and waxing, it is recommended that you take aspirin 30 minutes prior to your appointment to take the edge off. Keep in mind that everyone has a difference in pain tolerance and being stressed out during your wax will definitely make it worse.

I hope this gives you some insight into the subject of male waxing. The bottom line: make sure you’ve done your research and found a properly trained aesthetician, like me, The Expert Waxer. Waxing is still the most effective way to keep your body smooth so never be embarrassed to request a waxing service. Besides, it beats the heck out of putting a razor or some depilatory cream on your junk.

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