To Trim or Not to Trim? That is the Question…

In my honest opinion, the answer is undoubtedly NO! Here’s why: your hair needs to be 1/4 of an inch in length, or approximately, 2 weeks of growth after your last shave. Not sure what that looks like? It measures half of your fingernail from the bed to the nail. This is the shortest length that gives the wax something to adhere to. Anything shorter and your service will end in a tweezing frenzy! I promise this is not a pleasant experience for you!

Now, if you’re brand new to waxing, the best thing for you to do is come as you are. You might run the risk of trimming your hair too short and thus, not getting a good wax. It’s important that your hair is trained to come out at the root, so remember, it will take 3-4 months of consistent waxing to get them all on the same cycle. All the hair on our bodies grows in three stages. Pulling it out at the root will allow it to begin growing on the same schedule. Waxing, it turns out, pulls your hair out at the root, something shaving does not.

Please, ladies, do not panic if you begin to experience what I refer to as the “chia pet” syndrome. This is my term for when some hair grows back and some don’t. This is not an uncommon process but you have to be patient and wait the recommended 4-6 weeks for everything to get on the right schedule. Resist the urge to trim or shave! “Mowing the lawn” will confuse the hair (seriously) and you will never achieve the desired reductions in hair growth.  In-grown hairs are another annoying consequence of going back and forth, between shaving and waxing. For more information on this, please refer to an older post Trouble with Ingrown hairs? 5 tips to Combat them

Ready to undergo your best wax ever? Here are Expert Waxer’s tips on how to achieve it, every time:

  1.  Come as you are, especially if you’re new to waxing
  2. If you’re currently a shaver, wait a minimum of 2 weeks before taking the plunge
  4. No matter how long or short your bush may be, always exfoliate before your appointment.

True, there may be times when a quick trim seems like the best way to stay pristine and clean, but remember, consistent waxing will get the job done, without you bringing shears close to your most private of areas. Schedule your appointment

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